Online Coordinate and Datum Transofrmation
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This website is developed in the frame of the EU funded project “EU-Georgia E-Governance Facility” (2012-2014). Component 5 of that project provided technical assistance for:

• establishment of a national geodetic reference system based and connected to the European Terrestrial Reference System, and

• production of high quality coordinates from measurements with Global Navigation Satellite System technology and CORS infrastructure.

The major outputs of project implementation are:

• development of technical specifications for establishment of a new geodetic reference system based and connected to ITRS;

• development of methodology, parameters and a manual for datum transformation between the new and old reference systems;

• development of action plan for improvement of the vertical reference datum accessible through the CORS infrastructure;

• development of instructions for determination of accurate GNSS-derived heights;

The website provides online tools for conversion of coordinates, transformation between new and old geodetic datums, generation of epoch coordinates from observations made at other times, and computation of quasigeoid undulations (height anomalies).